This decadent triple-cream cheese is the perfect partypleaser. It takes its name from the famous 18th century French food writer, Brillat Savarin, and was originally created in the 1950s by Parisian affineur, Pierre Androuet. This example from Bourgogne is unique because, unlike its industrial cousins, it is ripened under a thin coat of wrinkled yellow Geotrychum mould naturally found in unpasteurized cow’s milk. This mould is rarely used because it is hard to wrap, but the poplar wooden box creates the ideal moist micro-climate for it to thrive in. Deliciously creamy with a slightly chalky centre when young, the texture gradually breaks down until it can be scooped from the centre with a spoon close to its use-by date.

Will Studd Brillat Savarin 200g


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