A testing time is ahead and sadly, none of us are immune to the devastating impact of this global pandemic. The hospitality industry has been hit hard, but we're committed to continuing to be of service to you during this increasingly difficult time. 

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the last week (which has felt more like a year), we've been buoyed by the unwavering support we received from our loyal community of customers. In an effort to encourage social distancing in a small space, we made a quick change to takeaway only last week, that was received with kindness and ready support, and we loved seeing photos of your Epicure lunches being enjoyed at home and in open spaces. Knowing you all have our backs gives us strength confidence that we will be able to bounce back when things settle down. From myself and my team, thank you. 

Moving forward, we are working to continue trading in a sustainable way that might harmonise our priorities of public health and safety, continued opportunities for our staff, and business longevity. Business as usual is suspended for the foreseeable future. We will be keeping the doors closed until it's safe to return to regular trade, but we're not going anywhere. 

We will be in the kitchen preparing meals in the morning, and in the afternoon we will be delivering home cooked meals and pantry staples around the local area. We will be testing a small radius this week and expanding from there. We know many of you are struggling to get essential groceries at the moment, meanwhile our suppliers are stuck with overstocks from suddenly cancelled restaurant and cafe orders. We hope to be able to bridge that gap to get what you what you need. We are setting up an online ordering platform for meals and staples, but this will take time.


For now, we've put together a (very clunky) order form which you can use to pre-order for deliveries this Wednesday 25th March onwards. We're starting with this one day as a test run, will smooth out some bumps, and take it from there. This is all a learning curve and we will appreciate both your feedback and your patience in this time. For this week, we've decided not to offer pick ups, as we aren't sure exactly when we will be in and out of the store. However, if you are outside the delivery area and wish to pick up, send us an email and we will see what we can work out.  We've removed all information about catering, special events, verandah dining, our cheese club, and gift hampers from our website for the time being as there is so much uncertainty about what services we can maintain right now. Rest assured we'll restore all of the good stuff in better times. 

Again, I'm so deeply grateful for the loyalty and support of our incredible customers.

We are tough and we will get through this, but it's all because of you. 

With all of our gratitude, 

Renee & the Epicure team




We're committed to keeping our distance for the sake of all of our safety, but we'd love to stay connected on social media. 

To encourage social distancing, our doors will be closed for the forseeable future. We will be offering deliveries of home cooked meals and pantry staples. We hope to introduce a pick up option next week, but are currently focussing our energy on delivery to keep those staying home well fed, nourished and happy.