our modest menu is the sum of our store - a list of things we like to eat inspired by the products we love. our lunch menu is constantly evolving, not just season to season but week to week and day to day. our everyday menu showcases our favourite cheeses, sourdough and preserves by way of good honest sandwiches, nutritious salads and indulgent cheese boards. with the exception of fresh produce, everything we use to make your lunch, from cheese and charcuterie, bread and butter, relishes, dressings, salt, nuts and grains can also be found on our store shelves. 

our daily lunch specials are essentially what we're having for lunch - simple, wholesome food; largely plant based meals with the addition of great dairy, good fish and a little meat here and there. we make everything fresh with a couple of pairs of hands in a tiny kitchen every day, and we do run out of food most days. a bunch of lovely local makers and bakers help us out with everything we're too small to make ourselves.

download a copy of our SUMMER MENU here.

changes occur frequently based on the quality and seasonal availability of particular cheese and produce. 

Our store is open from 9.30am-5pm Tuesday-Friday, and 9am-3pm Saturday. 

Lunches are prepared fresh each morning and  is typically available from 11am until sold out. Kitchen closes 

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